Our Services to Masonic Lodges are FREE!!!

Let us find the perfect venue for your next event and do all the hard work for you.

We can organise as much or as little as you would like, including invitations, registrations of attendees, payments, decorations and entertainment on the night. Or we can simply just find you that perfect venue, in the perfect location at that perfect price!

We also offer each event a FREE webpage hosted by us, to advertise your event to all your members, take bookings and payments and make your event one of the kind. The link can be posted on your website, social media sites and on all invitations. Get maximum numbers at your event, click the Masonic symbol to see what your webpage could look like.

We work with a large database of venues and are therefore able to offer very competitive rates and packages to the Lodges that we work with.
With rates from £57.00 per person per night Dinner bed & Breakfast, why look any further…
Let us help you, enquire today and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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London & Kent

From £60.00

Per person per night


From £59.00

Per person per night


From £60.00

Per person per night

Stratford upon Avon

From £70.00

Per person per night

We manage a database of all the Provincial Masonic Lodges in the 49 counties of England & Wales, over the 14 counties in Ireland and 35 counties in Scotland, keeping the Lodges, their Festival Secretaries and Worshipful Masters up to date each month with special offers and discounted rates. If you are a venue and supplier and wish to share your venue and special offers, please get in touch to be a part of our next newsletter.

We share and communicate our special offers to over 9682 lodges with approximately 150,000 members each month.

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